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Discover The Truth About Jamorama Guitar Lessons For Beginners...Can Learning To Play Guitar Be As Easy As They Claim?

If you've been looking for a fun, fast and cost effective way to learn guitar without the boring theory and months of finger aching, then you may have been told about Jamorama. Before you make a decision on whether to buy it or not, read this in-depth and honest review to discover whether you'll be making a mistake or not with Jamorama...

What Is Jamorama?

Jamorama Review

Jamorama is jammed full of powerful video lessons, play along jam tracks and software games to speed your learning.

Basically, it combines teaching and visual learning along with the ability to jam along to tracks to improve your timing.

They claim that you'll be able to play virtually ANY song by ear after using their training material.

Also included are the step-by-step lessons, sound files, games and other resources, which I have to admit, makes up for a pretty chunky amount of material and software considering what I paid for it at the time.

They have all these special training techniques to fast track beginners and a library of the most commonly used chord progressions.

Also, there's a useful section on how to read guitar "TAB"…essential for more "technical" learners.

There's also a whole heap of techniques that they teach you, from picking strumming styles, percussive strum, deadening, staccato strum, tricked out scales, hammer-ons, pull offs, transposing keys, vibrato, palm muting.

What's more, is they give you these step-by-step jamming lessons (great for playing in a band).

There's other little tips and advice too, such as how to find dead cheap guitars (lower than retail price) which is pretty neat.

My First Impression

First of all, after downloading the guides and opening the software inside Jamorama, it's clear to see that there is massive value for what you get.

The material is all pretty easy to download inside member's area and I personally found that the software is bug free and runs smoothly.

I cranked up the training material and this guy makes things seems very easy to understand.

Furthermore, he has all these videos where you see crazy angles of him playing guitar so that you can see exactly what he's doing. The videos are really well made (very professional looking and explain the basics very clearly too).

The training is some of the best I've seen and it's dead simple to follow along, but don't get me wrong here - there's still a lot to learn, and this is not an instant overnight fix to playing guitar like Clapton in one sitting.

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It's not all smelling of roses though; there are a few things I didn't like about Jamorama:

Firstly, if you're a little more advanced this might not be ideal. Whilst I would still class myself as a "beginner", I think more advanced stuff would be needed in 6 months.

Secondly, although the software runs properly without glitches, it can slow down your PC if you've got a lot of things running and you don't have a very good computer.

Finally, as I already mentioned some of the jam tracks are a bit cheesy (lots to choose from though, so not a major biggie).


With that being said, there's a lot of promise for Jamorama. There are a few things that really stuck out for me and made me feel as though I got my money's worth:

First of all, it clearly speeds up your learning curve dramatically (I saw results within a couple of weeks, and I only put in 30 mins per day most days)

Next, it is actually fun, unlike the stuffy books you get in bookshops, or cheesy videos that feel like a maths lessons. This is more important than you might think, because if the learning gets boring, you will switch off and drop the ball.

Besides, aren't you supposed to be doing this for fun and pleasure?

Thirdly, judging from what I've learned so far, the techniques you'll learn will more than sign you off from total beginner to intermediate in no time at all. Sure, the program will be less useful when you reach intermediate stage, but who cares! You'll be able to kick butt with that axe now!

Next, I have to say that the videos take a lot of the frustration out of the learning. I was not expecting the level of quality and teaching that this gut provides. He's clearly made an effort to be different and his unique approach to showing angles of his playing really makes the learning "click".

Finally, I found that the focus on timing and rhythm are a really useful (and important) touch to help improve your accuracy and chances of joining a band or doing pro work in the future (or generally sounding consistent and pro like to your friends and family). There are complete guides and software that only cover this aspect, so there's a real sense of value going on here…

…and it's convenient, meaning you don't need to use multiple programs and guides from all over the place to learn properly from A-Z.

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All I can say about Jamorama is that it's a great solution for beginners to intermediate guitarists, yet probably not ideal for advanced players however.

The software is very easy to use and is designed with a clean, intuitive interface that is easy to use and understand what's going on. This I found makes it easier to actually stick to the learning curve without getting tied up in confusion and frustration, which other guides may leave you feeling.

The videos are some of the best quality I've seen online, and way better than some of the things you get in these smaller membership sites, and certainly a lot of effort has gone into showing exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to learning guitar from the ground up.

Clearly, Jamorama is designed for people who want to speed up their learning curve and ideally join a band, but after trying the software out and following the step by step videos, I would say that this would be suitable for any guitarist looking to gain a wider range of skills (from hammer ons to pull offs, palm muting to slides) whilst keeping their theory tight and sounding consistent at the same time.

Unlike costly guitar tutors that bore you with theory and never guarantee any particular results, what I like about Jamorama is that you essentially ARE guaranteed to improve your guitar playing within 60 days, or you can get your money back…

…try asking a private tutor charging $60 per hour if they can match that;).

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Jamorama Review

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